lignin potassium humate
Lignin potassium humate Powder/Flake Humic Acid ≥70%, Fulvic Acid≥20% K2O≥10%, Soluble ≥ 99%, moisture≤15%, PH 8-10


The preparation of Lignin Potassium Humate is a liquid humic super concentrate based on humic substances with a high content of fulvic acids and humic acid salts. Its unique formula is guaranteed by a standardized manufacturing technological procedure. At the same time, Lignin Potassium Humate is enriched with trace quantities of basic micro-elements in the form of chelates.

Lignin Potassium Humate is an environmentally clean product based on natural humic substances that are recommended for application such as seed maceration prior to seeding, root application both separately and, first of all, in combination with mineral fertilizers, leaf application throughout the vegetation period including leaf nutrition, growth stimulating agents fungicides or insecticides. Lignin Potassium Humate may also be used for bulb or root dipping prior to planting.

Given its favorable effect on plants during the entire vegetation period, Lignin Potassium Humate should be included on regular basis to silvicultural procedures in order to improve the condition of growths.

Star Features

  • Environmental-friendly preparation
  • Versatile application for all crops
  • Suitable in every vegetation phase of the plant development
  • Ideal in combination with fertilisers and additional nutrition
  • Efficient in combination with fungicides, stimulation and growth control agents
  • Improves the efficiency of photosynthesis, vitality and health condition of plants
  • Improves availability and use of leaf and rot received nutrition
  • Supports resistance against stressing factors