Super potassium humate
Super potassium humate K12 Powder/Flake Humic Acid ≥65%, K2O≥12%, Soluble ≥ 99%, moisture≤15%, PH 8-10


Super potassium humate is extracted from natural high grade Leonardite/Lignite, with excellent solubility. It is used alone or combined with Nitrogen and Phosphorus in irrigation and spray. It's applied in landscape and garden as well as all agricultural and horticultural plants.

Star Features

  • More than 99% water soluble
  • Instant Water Solubility
  • Small Molecular Organic Carbon

For Plant

  • Plant growth stimulant, promote root development and stimulates seed germination.
  • Enhance nutrient uptake by combining nutrients and humic acids and keep a well-balanced nutrition.
  • Enhance the resilience of crops. such as cold, drought, pest, disease and toppling resistance.
  • Promotes healthier, stronger plants and enhance appearance

For Soil

  • Soil conditioner. Improve soil structure. Increase ion exchange capacity of soil.
  • Enhance resistance to stress for soil, especially reduce high salts in alkaline soils.
  • Enhance nutrients uptake and increases the content of humus in soil
  • Prevents soil from contamination of heavy metallic ions as well as other harmful matters.
  • Fertilizer efficiency promoter.
  • Greatly improve the utilization of N & P.