Sodium humate
Super sodium humate Powder/Flake Humic Acid ≥65%, Soluble ≥ 95%, moisture≤15%, PH 8-10


Sodium Humate is extracted from natural high-grade leonardite, with excellent solubility.
It contains humic acid, which can promote metabolism, improve meat quality, make animal capillus bright.

For industry

  • Petroleum drilling fluid decreasing and filtering agent
  • Boiler anti-scaling agent and water quality stabilizer
  • Cementing agent for pulverized coal shaping
  • Ceramic pug additive and dispersing agent
  • Ore-dressing agent

For animals

  • Promote metabolism, accelerate their growth and development
  • Improve meat quality, raise the yield of meat, eggs, and milk
  • Make animal capillus bright
  • Increase disease resistance

For plants

  • Increase physiological metabolism
  • Increase activity of the invivo enzyme
  • Retain water and fight drought
  • Prevent corrosion of fruits
  • Increase yield and improve quality of plants
  • Stimulate seed germination